Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Updates

COVID Testing

For Yellowknife COVID-19 Testing, please use our online booking service or call Public Health at 767-9120. Online booking is preferred.


How to Access COVID Testing in the NWT

If you need access to COVID testing, especially if you are experiencing symptoms such as fever, cough or flu-like, but are well enough to stay home, please self-isolate and call your local health centre to arrange testing:

  • Yellowknife: 867-767-9120
  • Inuvik: 867-490–2225 or 867-777-7246
  • Fort Smith: 867-621-2233 or 867-872-0562
  • Hay River: 867-874-8400
  • In all other communities, please call the local health centre:

If you received your COVID immunization outside of the NWT, please bring a copy of your records or email your records  to prior to your appointment.

Please review the Self-Isolation Information for information about how to self-isolate.

If you are experiencing severe symptoms such as shortness of breath or a worsening condition and feel that you need immediate medical care, call 9-1-1, and call ahead to your health centre or hospital facility to let them know you are coming to the facility. Please describe your symptoms over the phone before your appointment so the clinic can arrange to see you without exposing others. Let them know if you have travelled or have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 in the last 14 days.



The Yellowknife COVID testing clinic is providing asymptomatic testing ONLY for essential workers and special circumstances. Currently COVID testing must be booked in advance through Public Health, or via the online booking system.

You can book yourself for a COVID testing appointment online if:

  • You have COVID-like symptoms, or
  • Public Health has told you that you have experienced a possible COVID exposure, or
  • You are on Day 8 of isolation and received both COVID vaccine doses at least 14 days before.

For Yellowknife COVID-19 Testing, please use our online booking service to book your appointment to get tested.

The COVID Testing site is located at 108 Archibald Street (across from the Folk on the Rocks parking lot, google map link). If you do not have transport you can arrange for shuttle service by calling 867-446-1194 after booking your testing appointment. Accessible transport is available upon request, please call the shuttle and let them know about any accessibility needs in advance. 

By using this online booking service and providing your contact information, you are consenting to the collection of this information by NTHSSA as well as the provider platform. The information you provide is used by NTHSSA to facilitate your appointment for COVID testing, and may be shared with your health care provider for future services. All information held is encrypted to their servers and will not be sold to any third-parties. For all privacy and security concerns, please email

If you do not wish to use the booking form you can call public health at 767-9120 for appointment information. 


Other Communities

Call your health centre or the following numbers for information on testing options:

  • Inuvik: 867-490–2225 or 867-777-7246
  • Fort Smith: 867-621-2233 or 867-872-0562
  • Hay River: 867-874-8400 or 867-874-8050 (after hours)
  • In all other communities, please call the local health centre:

For information on who should get tested, visit the GNWT COVID-19 website here.

If you need emergency healthcare services and you have flu like symptoms, please call before you come to a healthcare facility. Please do not come to the emergency department for non-urgent matters.


Who should get tested?

Please visit the GNWT webpage on COVID-19 testing for more information on who in the NWT should seek a COVID test.


COVID Testing for Travel

NTHSSA does not provide confirmation of testing for travel as a service. If you need a test for travel plans you need to coordinate it through a private provider yourself, a fee is likely required.

Within the Northwest Territories 62 Degrees North  provides testing for travel purposes for a fee. This testing is also available in southern locations, specifically via Dynalife Labs in Alberta and may be available through other providers.

NTHSSA advises that any person who needs a confirmed COVID test to finalize their travel plans, should coordinate to receive a test from a private provider in advance of their travel either within the NWT or along their route.


COVID Questions?

It’s important to know where to get the right information as quickly as possible. For general information on COVID-19 see For specific information on health services, including testing, see

Call 8-1-1 for ProtectNWT and COVID Information Line if:

  • You have general questions about COVID19
  • You need help understanding the symptoms of COVID
  • You need information on self-isolation
  • You need to report a breach of public health orders, including self-isolation
  • You need information or clarification about public health advisories related to potential exposures

Call Public Health or your Health Centre If:

  • You are symptomatic and need information on how to access testing
  • You have questions about whether you are at risk for COVID in relation to exposure to a person who has tested positive for COVID.
  • You need advice about whether to get tested if you were in a location where the CPHO has issued a public health advisory about a risk of exposure to COVID.

Contact details:

811/ ProtectNWT

Yellowknife: Public Health: 867-767-9120

Fort Smith: 867-872-6219 or 867-872-6221

Hay River: 867-874-8400 or call Public Health at 867-874-8400 between 08:30 to 16:30. After hours, please contact the Emergency Department at 867-874-8050.

Other Communities can call their local health centres: