Expanded Same Day Access

Expanded Same Day Access

Commencing on July 2, 2019, Yellowknife Primary Care Clinic will offer walk-in service and same-day access at the following hours:

Monday to Friday: Walk-in appointments will be accepted from 8:05am-12:00pm and 4:30pm-8:00pm, with the period of time from 12:00-4:30pm reserved for same day appointments.

Monday to Friday: Same day appointments can be booked over the phone while clinic phone lines are open, from 8:05am-4:00pm. Calls for same day appointments after 4:00pm will be deferred to the walk-in or the next day.

Saturday: 10:00am-4:00pm will be walk-in access only.

The clinic will be open from 8:05am to 8:00pm, Monday to Friday, and from 10:00am to 4:00pm on Saturdays.


Expanding access to primary care services in Yellowknife is the first of six demonstration projects being undertaken by NWT health authorities in collaboration with the Department of Health and Social Services.  

Expanding access with the addition of a walk-in service to the same-day appointments already available will create a higher number of available appointments each week. Our goal is to provide convenient options for access and reduce no-show rates at our clinics.  Expanded access will allow residents to get access to care and services in a way that is convenient for them. There will still be same-day appointments available by phone on a first-come, first-serve basis, to keep options available for people who need to see a provider quickly but also need to plan their visit. Regularly booked appointments will continue to be offered at both Yellowknife Primary Care Clinic and Frame Lake Community Health Clinic.

For more information on Primary Health Care Reform, see the Primary Health Care Reform backgrounder.