COVID-19 Testing in Acute Care

Public Notice

September 14, 2021 - The NTHSSA is now offering a COVID-19 test to all patients when they are admitted to hospital or before certain procedures (endoscopies, all surgeries including same-day surgeries, sedations, pulmonary function tests, and exercise stress tests). 
This testing is important to ensure patients receive the best care based on their condition and to protect all patients and staff in the facility. Testing will help us:

  1. Provide the best care to the patient being admitted or receiving a procedure. Since COVID-19 could negatively impact the outcomes of surgeries or procedures, it is important to know if someone has a COVID-19 infection so the healthcare team can provide the best care and advice about the risks, benefits or need for additional or delayed treatments or procedures. If you have COVID-19, the outcomes from your surgery or procedure could be worse. 
  2. Provide information to make the best decisions about where patients should be treated across our facilities. Patients with COVID-19 infections may best be cared for in a different community, for example it may be safest to get treated in Yellowknife rather than at a regional hospital or in a part of the hospital with different resources available.
  3. Take steps to keep other patients and staff safe and to reduce the risk of spreading the infection.

Testing is voluntary but highly encouraged, and patients with questions or concerns should ask their healthcare team about how testing may reduce risks and improve their care.