Public Notice: COVID Services in Yellowknife

Yellowknife (September 21, 2021) - If you have symptoms, have received a COVID-positive diagnosis, or are in a situation where you get very sick and need immediate help, you need to know where to go.

COVID services are provided in Yellowknife in a number of locations. In addition to the services listed below, COVID vaccines in Yellowknife are offered at the Centre Square Mall and appointments can be booked online. The NTHSSA encourages everyone to book their appointments in advance. Please ensure you arrive no earlier than 5 minutes for your appointment, wear a face mask and follow social distancing requirements.

Please visit for the most recent updates  regarding COVID-19 including services and how to access them.


COVID Testing Clinic

The dedicated site for COVID testing located at 108 Archibald Street (across from Folk on the Rocks Site) where you can get a quick and easy COVID test.

Yellowknife residents who need COVID testing are encouraged to book online as testing resources are in very high demand and booking in advance helps to reduce wait times for everyone.

All individuals attending testing appointments are required to wear a disposable medical face mask and follow social distancing requirements and are reminded to bring appropriate clothes for the weather. Please plan ahead for a wait time for your appointment.

The testing centre does not offer printed testing results. You will be given an assessment card that confirms you have had a COVID assessment, and your test results will be communicated to you by phone.

The Testing Clinic is for:

  • People who have mild, easily manageable symptoms of COVID,
  • People who have been advised to get tested by public health or a public exposure notice,
  • People who require isolation exit testing after travel,
    • Please book exit testing as soon as you know your travel return date and testing requirements. Walk-ins for exit testing may be turned away.
  • Essential workers who require testing according to their self-isolation plans.

Who should NOT go here:

  • People who have no symptoms, have not been exposed, and have not been advised to get a test.
  • Non-essential employees who are seeking testing for return-to-work. The NTHSSA does not provide testing for return to work for non-essential workers.
  • People who are COVID-positive and have moderate COVID symptoms that need assessment by a health care professional. Please book an appointment at the COVID Clinic downtown by calling 867-920-7777.
  • People with severe COVID symptoms. If you are having difficulties breathing, shortness of breath, are losing consciousness, or a worsening condition and feel you need immediate medical attention, call 9-1-1.

COVID Clinic at Primary Care, Downtown Yellowknife

Re-Opening Tuesday, September 21

This clinic is located downtown in the same building as Yellowknife Primary Care Clinic. This clinic is for people who need to see a healthcare provider due to COVID-like or COVID-confirmed illness.

The COVID Clinic at Primary Care is for:

  • People with moderate symptoms who need assessment and may need a COVID test,
  • People who are COVID-positive whose symptoms are worsening and require assessment by a healthcare provider,
  • Anyone who has been referred here specifically by a healthcare provider.

Who should NOT go here:

  • People with mild symptoms who are seeking a COVID test.
  • People who have severe symptoms and need urgent care.


Stanton Territorial Hospital Emergency Department

The Emergency Department at Stanton Territorial Hospital is the place to go if you are experiencing any medical emergency.

The Emergency Department is for:

  • Anyone experiencing serious symptoms of COVID or other medical emergencies. Call 911 if you are in an emergency and may require first responders.

Who should NOT go here:

  • People who are not experiencing a medical emergency.
  • People who are seeking COVID testing for mild or moderate symptoms.
  • People specifically looking to receive COVID testing only.


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