PUBLIC NOTICE: Full Closure of Combined Day and Sobering Centre Services in Yellowknife

YELLOWKNIFE (September 11, 2021) - Effective immediately all services offered by the Combined Day and Sobering Centre located at 5111, 51st street in Yellowknife will be suspended until further notice. This closure is due to further staffing shortages related to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak in Yellowknife. The Northwest Territories Health and Social Services Authority (NTHSSA) was notified of this closure late this afternoon by the operator, the NWT Disabilities Council (NWTDC). 

NTHSSA had previously announced suspension of day sheltering and reductions in Sobering Centre services at this location.

NTHSSA is working closely with the NWTDC and the Department of Health and Social Services and has escalated requests for support to key partners including MACA, City of Yellowknife, and GNWT Housing and has requested urgent collaborative actions to address this critical service gap.

At this point the NTHSSA is unable to establish and staff an emergency shelter service due to capacity constraints related to the escalating Covid-19 outbreak in Yellowknife and other regions.

What supports are being provided?
This is a rapidly developing situation; the NTHSSA and DHSS continue to work closely with the NWT Housing Corporation and with all local NGO shelter operators to ensure collaboration and coordination of services. 

Services at the Salvation Army and Women’s Shelter remain accessible and are not impacted. NTHSSA is working with the Salvation Army to coordinate a daytime meal service and more details will follow.

How long will this service reduction last?

There is no defined end date, services will begin to resume as NWTDC staffing improves. Updates will be provided as they become available.

What can residents do to help?

Help us protect our health system and sheltering services: now is the time to get vaccinated if you have not yet done so. People who are vaccinated are much less likely to get sick and spread COVID-19.

Help us by reducing the spread of COVID-19. If you - or your children – are sick, stay home and get tested