Public Notice - Novavax now available by request in the NWT

Public Notice

(April 28, 2022, Yellowknife) – Novavax’s Nuvaxovid COVID-19 vaccine has arrived in the NWT and is now available to residents. The vaccine is approved for people who are 18 years of age and older.

Novavax, unlike Pfizer or Moderna, is not an-mRNA vaccine. Novavax provides an alternative COVID-19 vaccination option for those individuals unable to receive the mRNA vaccines for medical or personal reasons.  

The Novavax vaccine series consists of two doses which are given at the recommended interval of 8 weeks apart. At this time, the Novavax vaccine cannot be substituted within the mRNA vaccine series, and is available only to those persons who have not received any initial doses of other COVID-19 vaccines. Individuals who have received a dose of mRNA vaccine and had an allergic reaction will need to speak with their physician to determine what options are best for them.

No medical notes or other proof of eligibility are required to qualify for the Novavax vaccine.

Due to initial supply being limited, health centres outside Yellowknife will be provided a shipment of Novavax once requests have been received from community residents. When the vaccine is being sent out, the local health centre staff will canvas the community for additional interested residents to help reduce wastage. Novavax vials contain 10 doses and are viable for only 6 hours after being opened, so health centre staff will be working to maximize the delivery of the limited supply while ensuring vaccine availability for second doses.

In Yellowknife, Novavax clinics will be offered on select dates. The COVID-19 vaccination clinic in Centre Square Mall will hold a Novovax clinic on May 18th, 2022. Future clinic dates will be planned and listed on the online booking system and NTHSSA website, walk-ins will be accepted dependent on clinic and staffing capacity on that date, please book an appointment ahead of time if possible.

For all other communities contact your health centre or public health unit for information and request to be put on a call-back list for local opportunities for Novovax.