PUBLIC NOTICE: Service Reduction at Stanton ICU

YELLOWKNIFE (August 12, 2021) Between now and end of September 2021 the NWT health and social services system may experience reduced staffing capacity. This is being driven by a combination of difficulties in recruitment, a highly competitive job market for healthcare professionals, and vacancies caused by departures or retirements.

NWT health and social services authorities are working diligently to close any gaps in staffing before they impact services. Where this is not possible, any service reductions or closures will be communicated proactively to staff and the public if and when they occur.

Regular updates can be found on the NTHSSA’s service level dashboards. Service reductions will also be communicated at the link above and locally to the public and stakeholders by email notices on an as-needed basis.

At this time the following service reduction is being announced:

August 9, 2021 Stanton Territorial Hospital has reduced ICU capacity due to staffing (2 critical care beds and 2 lower acuity beds versus 4 critical care beds).

  • While there are no current impacts to patients admitted to Stanton, if there are more than two critical level patients at Stanton they may be either diverted to Alberta before admission or stabilized and moved to Alberta when able.
  • Patients requiring critical care would often transfer south for treatment that is not able to be offered in the NWT, this service reduction may generate transfers sooner or more often than usual.
  • This reduction is in place until the end of August, 2021, and will be re-evaluated at that time.