Regional updates to COVID service levels

Public Notice

(Yellowknife, April 1, 2022) – As of April 1st, the Public Health Emergency in the Northwest Territories has been rescinded. This does not mean COVID is over, or that the harms of COVID will disappear. It does mean that services related to COVID-19 will be shifting and health and social services operations will be changing in response.

As changes are implemented the Northwest Territories Health and Social Services Authority will communicate these directly to residents through our website, social media, and directly to community stakeholders. The public should remain aware of regional and community shifts in how they may access COVID services.

For example, testing and vaccination services have shifted in some communities from off-site locations to service delivered in health centres, or their hours have been changed or reduced. In addition testing guidance has changed to focus testing on high-risk individuals who should seek testing in person.  

Residents are asked to review content on the NTHSSA website for latest information about COVID-19 testing and vaccination service at: Individuals may also call their health centres for the latest information.

This webpage will remain the primary source for the most relevant information regarding COVID services and any changes in measures at our facilities regarding visitation, masking, etc. Please visit the page to read any recent service level notices for your nearest health centre.

If you have any questions about your personal medical situation and potential COVID risks, please make an appointment with your local health centre to speak with a health care professional about your concerns.