Three things You Need to Know About Covid-19 Testing for December 10th, 2020

One: If you have symptoms, get tested! Our priority is to test anyone who has symptoms. If you have COVID-19 symptoms and you are in Yellowknife, either book online or come to YK Primary Care Centre and let them know you have symptoms and need a COVID-19 test. Wear your mask, wash your hands. maintain your distance. Appointments will all take place on the main floor of the YK Primary Care Clinic. The screeners in the lobby will direct you. If you are outside Yellowknife, call your health centre or public health office to arrange testing.  

Two: We also want to test as many people as possible who were at any stage of self-isolation November 30 through December 9 in Yellowknife. If you are in this group we ask that you book online for your test. If you do not currently have symptoms, please do not show up without an appointment.  

Three: Getting a test is quick and easy. Most results are returned in 24-48 hours. If you haven't traveled in 14 days or been exposed to COVID-19 you can go back about your regular activities after you receive a negative result, do not have a fever, and your symptoms have improved. 

If you have already completed self-isolation, and have no symptoms or known exposure to someone with Covid-19, and are only receiving asymptomatic testing, you do not have to self-isolate while awaiting your test or result.

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