The Northwest Territories is a vast place, with many different cultures and geographic regions. To organize the delivery of care and services in the territory the Northwest Territories Health and Social Services Authority is coordinated in regional operations.

While we continue to make improvements to this website we will be maintaining regional websites that existed before the amalgamation of six health authorities to create the NTHSSA. As we complete improvements we will phase these sites out.

Information about specific services in these regions can be found at the following websites:

Beaufort Delta Region

Dehcho Region

Fort Smith Region

Sahtu Region

Yellowknife Region

Stanton Territorial Hospital

In addition to the above sites the Hay River Health and Social Services Authority and the Tlicho Community Services Agency maintain websites for health and social services delivery in their regions. To find an explanation of why these authorities retained their distinct status see our About Us page.

Tlicho Community Services Agency

Hay River Health and Social Services Authority