Service Changes

If there are changes to service levels for health and social services or changes in access processes we will post them on this page. 

Service levels as of May 5, 2021

Stanton Territorial Hospital

Lab Services and Diagnostic Imaging Services are running on a modified access procedure.

If you are not isolating and not symptomatic: access lab services as you normally would by bringing your lab requisition to the Stanton lab and diagnostic imaging site. You will be screened at entrance to the facility and must wear a mask throughout your visit.

If you have COVID-19 symptoms or if you are on self isolation in accordance with recent public health orders and exposure notices: please call the provider who ordered your lab test or diagnostic imaging, it will be listed on the requisition, and discuss your procedure with them. Your testing may be delayed if it is not urgent, however; if your provider deems your testing or imaging urgent they will book you an appointment at the lab site. Booked appointments are required for those on isolation or those who are symptomatic to ensure appropriate physical distancing and cleaning protocols are adhered to.