2020 Seasonal Flu Clinics

Yellowknife Flu Clinic Online Bookings

Due to gathering requirements related to COVID-19 – and to reduce on-site wait times – we are requiring booked times for the mass flu clinic in Yellowknife that takes place at the multiplex DND gym from October 27 through November 1st.

These bookings are being managed through a 3rd party online booking service. Any information collected as part of your booking will be deleted after the mass-clinic. If you do not wish to use this service please call public health at 767-9120 and book an in-clinic appointment to receive your vaccine.

Please note after the mass clinic there will be flu-shot appointments available at public health (call 767-9120) in Yellowknife every Monday/Wednesday/Friday from November through January.

NOTICE: When the online booking system is fully subscribed you will not see appointments available on the calendar. We encourage you to check the booking service for availability because if anyone cancels their appointment it will become available in the system; however if there are no appointments available when you check you can call 767-9120 to book an appointment at Public Health where Monday/Wednesday/Friday appointments have been reserved from November through January for flu vaccinations.

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