In and Out-Of-Territory Services for Children, Youth, and Families

Out-of-Territory Services

Ranch Ehrlo Society

Location: Pilot Butte, Saskatoon; and, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan


Phone: 306-781-1800

This service is for youth aged 10-18 years old presenting with prenatal exposure to alcohol, sexually intrusive behaviours, childhood trauma, substance abuse, language/speech/sensory, depression, anxiety, inattention/hyperactivity, integration issue or significant problems of conduct and behaviour.

This specialized service incorporates residential services, clinical treatment, education, daily life skills, community/family connectedness, community involvement, vocational/education skills, and recreation. Youth are supervised 24 hours a day and every activity is focused on achieving the best outcome for youth. The length of this specialized service is usually between 8-12 months. Family and community reunification is typically the goal following discharge.


Parkland Community Living and Supports Society

Location: Red Deer, Alberta


Phone: 403-347-3333

Parkland Community Living and Supports Society provides a home-like atmosphere for children who require permanent out-of-home placement for a variety of reasons including lack of school attendance, family breakdown or chronic illness and high needs. This specialized service provides housing and accommodation, combined with personal support staff. Children have the opportunity to grow and experience success in a safe and healthy environment conducive to learning.

Needs are typically complex and present with many challenges and at times, requiring 1:1 supervision and support. There is no set age limit for this program, although clients are typically within the range of 8-10 years of age and the expected length of stay may be several years


PLEA Community Services

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia


Phone: 604-871-0450

PLEA Community Services offers a specialized support model within the context of a family or caregiver model supported by staff. Services are provided to youth typically between the ages of 10-18 years who are facing significant behavioral and developmental challenges. U-Turn is designed especially for those who have had limited success in other residential settings.

This program is typically for long-term specialized services where regular foster care services are unable to meet the complexity of care required. Overarching goals include safety and stability, the building of effective relationships, the promotion of positive youth development and, where appropriate, strengthening family involvement. Academic support and moving towards independence or semi-independence is also a focus.

U-Turn tailors the services provided according to each youth’s individual strengths, needs, circumstances and goals, while providing each youth with a safe, nurturing, staff-supported family home coupled with the 1:1 support of a youth worker.


Catholic Social Services

Location: Red Deer, Alberta


Phone: 780-352-5535

Catholic Social Services offers supported living programs for children and youth aged 12-18 years with developmental disabilities, mental health diagnoses and acquired brain injuries. The primary focus of the program is to increase the capacity of children and youth to effectively manage social relationships, life skills, school participation and community integration.

Catholic Social Services offers support in private homes or community-based settings that recognize the importance of family; be it biological, adopted, foster, or extended Families (unless clearly contraindicated) are included in every aspect of the child’s care from admission through all stages of life.

This specialized service supports needs that are typically complex for children and youth who present many challenges and may require 1:1 supervision and support due to unique needs with the goal of developing long-term stabilization.


EXCEL Society

Location: Edmonton, Alberta


Phone: 780-455-2601 ext. 221

Excel Society supports, houses, and enriches the lives of people with complex mental health needs and disabilities. Long-term supportive living homes are provided within the context of a caregiver model for children and youth under the age of 19 who present with significant emotional or behavioural challenges, learning disabilities, cognitive/physical disabilities and mental health concerns which require specialized residential care.

This program is typically for long-term specialized services where regular foster care services are unable to meet the complexity of care required. Excel provides support and guidance to children, some with developmental disabilities and/or complex needs including challenging behaviours and significant mental health needs.

Youth are provided with support 24 hours a day and receive support based on their unique needs such as: learning functional communication skills, life skills, addressing behavioural issues, and enhancing reading and writing skills. Children/youth will have access to full wrap around services and community supports including education, psychology, medicine, dentistry, recreation, cultural connections or spiritual connectedness and support, healthy living routines, community inclusion, positive behaviour support, communication development, life skills and personal living skills.



Location: Edmonton, Alberta


Phone: 780-970-6502

YWCA Edmonton offers supported living specialized services for children and youth presenting with developmental or complex medical needs within the context of a caregiver model. These services support a wide range of diagnoses, including but not limited to developmental disabilities, physical limitations, behavioural and/or psychological challenges and medical fragility.

YWCA Edmonton’s goal is to empower children/youth to their full potential with the support of their community. They create opportunities for each individual to enhance her/his quality of life through goal setting and personal achievement.


Ranch Ehrlo Society (Family Specialized Service)

Location: Regina, Saskatchewan


Phone: 306-781-1800

Ranch Ehrlo Society provides specialized service for parents and their children with the goal of improving family safety, family functioning and child well-being, so families can remain together. The Family Treatment Program serves the whole family to assist families to safely care for their children and prevent out-of-home placements, or to assist families to reunify after having a child in a protection placement. Parents and children need to have demonstrated that individual work has been completed prior to acceptance within the family specialized service i.e.: individual counselling or addiction treatment prior to coming together as a family to receive services through a family treatment program. Families reside in individual units located throughout the city of Regina, Saskatchewan, and the children are integrated into local community schools