In and Out-Of-Territory Services for Children, Youth, and Families

In Territory Services

Territorial Treatment Centre (TTC) 

Location: Yellowknife


Phone: 780-440-0708

The Territorial Treatment Centre (TTC) program provides services for children/youth between the ages of 8 and 12 years, who struggle with emotional, behavioral, and/or psychiatric difficulties. Programs are family-centered and delivered with the safety and well-being of the child/youth in mind with a high level of supervision.  TTC is managed by Unlimited Potential Community Services (UP Community Services).

The program integrates a multi-modal approach which is culturally sensitive and family-centered, encompassing assessment, intervention, education/training, skills development, relapse prevention. In the last two years, the program has taken on a more supportive and inclusive approach to transitioning the child/youth and their families to life after treatment. Families are offered family counselling, parenting support and the ability to work with their child, alongside treatment staff, to provide in the moment skills teaching and support. Parents are also given support in developing plans for after discharge. As part of the transition back into their family and community, TTC staff will provide follow-up through phone conversations and face to face visits with the youth, caregiver and/or their family will occur whenever possible.


Trailcross Treatment Centre (SHIFT)

Location: Fort Smith


Phone: 902-820-1234

Trailcross is operated by Shift, a Nova Scotia-based human services and experiential learning company founded in 2011. With a specialized focus on northern youth services, Shift has been operating residential youth care homes in the Canadian North since 2014.

The Trailcross Treatment Centre provides a place for youth who are seeking direction and clarity in their lives. Trailcross is an eight-bed residential care and treatment facility in Fort Smith for youth from all over the Northwest Territories.

Built around a framework that meaningfully engages youth, Trailcross interweaves modern clinical care approaches with experiential and outdoor learning framed around a model of care that is rooted in Aboriginal culture.

Individualized mental health treatment and therapy for youth between the ages of 12-18 is available.   Treatment within the program is typically 6-10 months in duration. The program is located in Fort Smith, NWT, and is provided in partnership with the Government and Department of Health and Social Services (DHSS).