Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Updates

Continuing Primary Care

Accessing Regular Health Services During COVID-19

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You and your family can still access regular health care services during the COVID-19 pandemic. Some services are being offered in different ways, or with added health and safety measures.

These changes to service may remain in place for an extended period of time; however, it is important to ensure that residents do not end up delaying their own care out of  uncertainty regarding health care system capabilities.

The process for accessing health care services is only slightly different than before, with added precautionary measures. For residents looking to receive primary care services of any type during the ongoing pandemic, the following steps can be taken:

  1. Visit the section on NTHSSA Service Changes and Announcements available on our webpage to see all recent updates to changes in services for the health care service you are seeking.
  2. Call ahead to the health centre (or specific health service office) to first have your needs assessed over the phone, and to receive guidance on accessing the services you require.
  3. Providers may offer you a Virtual Care appointment, in which they will contact you via phone, video, or messaging. More information on Virtual Care appointments is available here.
  4. The necessity of an in-person visit and potential follow-up will be determined between you and your provider. If your health care provider decides that an in-person visit is needed, you will make a plan together. This might include waiting outside and calling when you arrive, or putting on a mask or gloves before entering.

Taking care of yourself is especially important during these stressful times, and that includes reaching out when you have any health care concerns. Please contact your local health centre if you have any further question or are experiencing any health issues.