Paid Family/Community Caregiver Pilot Project

After you apply

After you apply

The Home Care nurse will:

  • Make a home visits and meet with the client and family
  • complete a client assessment

If chosen for the Pilot:

Clients are chosen into the Pilot program based on needs. This is determined by the pilot coordinator and home care nurse or manager or designate. If chosen:

  • The nurse will create a care plan specific to the needs of the client.
  • The care plan will assist with directing the pilot coordinator and community organization on how many hours of services is authorized for the paid family community caregiver
  • Provide the care plan and any relevant info to the pilot coordinator who will liaise with the community organization employing the PFCG.

If NOT Chosen for the Pilot:

During the nurse visit and assessment of the client, if the client has care or support needs that can be met by Home Care and agreed upon by the client, the client can become a home care client.
If the client has no care needs but still has other support needs, the home care nurse and or pilot coordinator can assist the client with connecting to other resources in the community