Patient and Client Feedback

At the NTHSSA we strive to provide excellent care and services for our patients/clients and their families.  Any instance where we fall short of this expectation is an opportunity to learn how we can improve, and as such we always welcome feedback. To submit feedback please contact the individual from the list below that is closest to your home community or send it via email to



Phone Number

Quality Risk Manager – North

NTHSSA – Beaufort Delta and Sahtu Regions

867-678-8088 ext 55520

Quality Risk Manager – South

NTHSSA – Fort Smith and Dehcho Regions


Quality Risk Manager – Stanton Territorial Hospital

NTHSSA – Stanton Territorial Hospital

867-767-9388 ext 46807

Quality Risk Manager – Yellowknife Region

NTHSSA – Yellowknife Region

867-767-9106 ext. 41663