Update on NTHSSA Diagnostic Imaging Review

In March, 2017 the Northwest Territories Health and Social Services Authority began a review of diagnostic imaging exams related to a locum radiologist who had practiced at Stanton Territorial Hospital in the past. Follow up on the results of this review is ongoing.

The review was undertaken as a proactive step to ensure quality of the exams read by a physician after questions were raised about their performance in another jurisdiction. The review was undertaken by expert radiologists hired from a contracted firm from Alberta. These radiologists came to Stanton Territorial Hospital to re-read each exam and reinterpret the results.

Cases that had discrepancies were reviewed by physicians to ensure every patient received the appropriate care. Diagnostic imaging is just one tool physicians use to make a diagnosis - in many cases patients were treated appropriately despite a discrepancy in exam results. Individuals that had a discrepancy in their tests, but who had received appropriate care and did not require further follow up will receive a disclosure letter.

All individuals who were identified to date as requiring follow up from a discrepancy in their exam result have been contacted by their healthcare providers.

We will not be sharing specific information about patient diagnoses or the nature or severity of discrepancies that were detected as these are confidential matters to be discussed between healthcare providers and their patients test.


“Undertaking this review was a measure to ensure patient safety, which is a top priority for the NTHSSA.We will continue to make this initiative a top-priority until we complete all of the reviews and have communicated with everyone who was impacted.” -Sue Cullen, CEO of the Northwest Territories Health and Social Services Authority (NTHSSA)
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