About Us

The Northwest Territories Health and Social Services Authority (NTHSSA) is responsible for the design and delivery of territorial health and social services planning across the Northwest Territories.

Established on August 1, 2016, the NTHSSA is the result of a four year process that examined the health and social services system in the Northwest Territories. Through extensive public and stakeholder engagement it was determined that while the system in the Northwest Territories was delivering good care, there were a number of areas for improvement and barriers to break down to achieve future innovation.

Prior to the establishment of the NTHSSA there were eight independent health and social services authorities in the Northwest Territories. This proved to be a systemic barrier to innovation, improving patient care, and efficiency.

As a result of the work examining the system the NTHSSA was formed by amalgamating six regional health authorities in the Beaufort Delta, Sahtu, Dehcho, Fort Smith, Yellowknife, and Stanton Territorial Hospital. This was done to achieve a number of goals including:

  • Improving coordination of our services;

  • Ensuring community and regional input into Territorial programs;

  • Maximizing the use of our human resources, facilities and every dollar we spend;

  • Making our system more responsive to the needs of our residents; and

  • Enhancing frontline and community based patient-client care.

The establishment of this new authority provides the foundation to make improvements to meet these goals.

The NTHSSA is responsible for delivering health and social services in most communities across the NWT. At this time the Hay River Health and Social Services Authority will continue operations and maintain its own Board of Management. This is an interim measure until a time when negotiations can be completed to bring the staff of this authority into the public service.

The Tlicho Community Services Agency will continue to be a Board of Management under the Hospital Insurance and Health and Social Services Administration Act and will continue to deliver health and social services in Tlicho Communities. The establishment of the new Authority will respect the legislation that establishes the TCSA which was implemented as a result of the Tlicho Self Government Agreement.

Through continued partnership with the Tlicho Community Services Agency and the Hay River Health and Social Services Authority we will continue make improvements to the entire health and social services system. By working closely with these groups and having their representatives on the Northwest Territories Health and Social Services Leadership Council we will all be able to make improvements to the system together.

The NTHSSA is funded by the Government of the Northwest Territories through the Department of Health and Social Services. The Department is responsible for the ministry functions as related to health and social services which include: setting standards and policies, strategic and business planning, resource allocation, and monitoring. The Department also administers the NWT Health Care Plan and Provides vital statistics services.

To find out more about the work that led to the establishment of the NTHSSA see the Caring for Our People Discussion Paper and Plans to Improve the Northwest Territories’ Health and Social Services System.