Programs and Services

The Adult FASD Diagnostic Clinic will provide an access point to clients and their families that will allow them to voluntarily explore a multidisciplinary FASD assessment, as well as life strategies following an Adult FASD diagnosis.
Cancer Nurse Navigators work closely with a person diagnosed with cancer to offer support and guidance through their cancer journey.
Cancer screening is meant for healthy people who do not have any signs or symptoms of illness.
A campaign to help clinicians and patients engage in conversations about unnecessary tests and treatments.
The Yellowknife Eye Clinic provides ophthalmology services and specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of eye disorders and routine eye examinations for general eye health and glasses prescriptions.
Submit feedback about your experience to our Quality Risk Management team.
Diagnostic imaging is a branch of medicine that uses state of the art technology to assist health care providers in the diagnosis of injuries and abnormalities.
The Healthy Family Program provides support and information on parenting to expectant parents and families with young children.
Information on the laboratory services we offer and how to prepare for you lab test.
Medical Travel is a service provided by the GNWT to eligible persons in the NWT who must travel in order to access necessary and appropriate insured health services.
A program dedicated to making reproductive choice and abortion services available to women in the Northwest Territories.
Learn about general dental services in the NWT, traveling dental services, Early Childhood, School-based, and Prenatal Oral Health Programs.
Physician Specialists are doctors that have a specialized scope of practice. We have nine permanent specialties as well as visiting specialties that provide services.
Audiology, Speech-Language Pathology, Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy services in the NTHSSA.
Service Fees may be charged by a clinic, hospital or health centre when you receive a service that is not covered by the NWT Health Care Plan.
Telehealth services allow a patient who is located in a remote community consult with a doctor or specialist located in one of our larger centres.
The Yellowknife Sexual Health Program offers free and private STI testing.
Walk-in appointments and same day appointments at the Yellowknife Primary Care Centre.