Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

The provision of quality health and social services across the NWT that are culturally safe, collaborative and centered around continuous improvement.

Our Vision

    Best Health

    Health of Population and Equity of Outcomes

    • Improve capacity and coordination to support core and public health functions
    • Enhance primary health care in the communities through the delivery of culturally safe and relationship-based health and social services
    • Improve health promotion, chronic disease prevention and self-care in the communities
    • Improve availability and quality of services for vulnerable populations

    Best Care

    Better Access to Better Services

    • Continuous quality improvement
    • Improve the experience of our patients
    • Provide access to the right combination of mental health and addictions services, treatments and supports, when and where people need them
    • Reduce gaps and barriers to promote Aging in Place for seniors and elders
    • Improve services and supports for children and their families

    Better Future:

    Stable and Representative Workforce 

    • Improve labour force planning to better meet the system's needs and reduce vacancies and reliance on locums
    • Remove barriers to hiring local people
    • Improve workforce engagement and develop strategies and initiatives aimed at improving hiring practices and rentention

    Quality, Efficiency and Sustainability

    • Improving quality, operational efficiency and reducing growth in costs
    • Improved capacity for evidence-informed practice and policy through data and research
    • Sustainable technology investments to keep pace with changing patient/ provider needs
    • Strategic investments to efficiently manage our assets for the delivery of program and services

    Our Values

    CARE: Caring, Accountable, Relationships, Excellence

    Caring: We treat everyone with compassion, respect, fairness and dignity and we value diversity.

    • We care for those in need of our services and expertise
    • We treat those we serve in a caring manner
    • We care for ourselves and each other in and outside our workplaces

    Accountable: We strive for outcomes that are measured, assessed and reported on.

    • We are honest and open about the work we do
    • We endeavour to measure the impact our work has.
    • We use our measures to assess and improve.  We share this information proactively.

    Relationships: We work in collaboration with all of our stakeholders, partners, and staff.

    • We look for feedback and collaboration when building and changing programs.
    • We respond to questions, concerns and complaints in a timely manner.

    Excellence: We pursue continuous quality improvement through innovation, integration, and evidence based practice.

    • We do our best to deliver the best care and services so our patients and clients have a better future.
    • We focus on quality improvement and innovation for a better future for our system.
    • We live our values.  This will lead to excellent care and services.