The Northwest Territories Health and Social Services Authority was designed to have a governance model that provides a voice for regional concerns and a territorial board of management that can use this regional knowledge to improve care and outcomes for clients throughout the Northwest Territories.
There are three main groups of governance in the Northwest Territories Health and Social Services Authority:

Northwest Territories Health and Social Services Leadership Council

The NT HSS Leadership Council is the board of management for the NTHSSA. The Leadership Council provides overall leadership to the NTHSSA and helps facilitate the NTHSSA’s legislated mandate to:

  • deliver health services, social services, and health and wellness promotional activities within the NWT;
  • manage, control and operate each health and social service facility for which the NTHSSA is responsible; and
  • manage the financial, human and other resources necessary to perform the NTHSSA’s duties.

The Leadership Council is accountable to the Minister of Health and Social Services and provides advice to the Minister on strategic directions for particular health and social services and programs related to those services.
The Leadership Council is made up of nine (9) members; a Chairperson as appointed by the Minister, the chairperson of each Regional Wellness Council (6), the chairperson of the Tłįcho Community Services Agency;  and the Deputy Minister of the Department of Health and Social Services (ex-officio and non-voting).

The current composition of the NWT Health and Social Services Leadership Council can be viewed on the GNWT's board appointments website. You can also review regional wellness council membership on this page of the board appointments site.


Regional Wellness Councils

The regional Wellness Councils (RWCs) are composed of a group of residents within one of the geographic regions of the Northwest Territories. Established in 2016, their purpose is to serve as an advisory body to the Territorial Health and Social Services Authority.

RWCs provide advice to the Northwest Territories Health and Social Services Leadership Council respecting health and social services, the priorities under the territorial plan, and the promotion of health and wellness. In addition, RWC’s may also seek out opinions and information from residents of the respective region about health and social services.

Regional Wellness Councils (RWC) will represent the Hay River area, Fort Smith, Sahtu, Dehcho, Beaufort Delta, and Yellowknife area (including the Akaitcho , Lutsulk’e and Fort Resolution). These seven person councils, appointed by the Minister of Health and Social Services, will provide guidance and ensure a regional voice within the system.


Northwest Territories Health and Social Services Authority Leadership Team

The NTHSSA Leadership provides strategic direction to all health and social programs at the operational level.  Each geographical region of the NTHSSA has a COO that oversees the operations for that region.  This is paired with an executive office in Yellowknife.  

The current NTHSSA Leadership includes:

  • Chief Executive Officer, Kimberly Riles
  • Chief Financial Officer, Marissa Martin
  • Executive Director, Clinical Integration, Joanne Engram
  • Executive Director, Corporate and Support Services, Tim VanOverliw
  • Executive Director, Child, Family and Community Wellness, Kristy Jones
  • Territorial Medical Director, Dr. Claudia Kraft
  • Chief Operating Officer - Beaufort Delta Region, Roger Israel
  • Chief Operating Officer - Sahtu Region, Mireille Gionet       
  • Chief Operating Officer - Dehcho Region, Wilson Dimsdale
  • Chief Operating Officer - Fort Smith Region, Sujata Ganguli
  • Chief Operating Officer - Yellowknife Region, Jennifer Torode
  • Chief Operating Officer - Stanton Territorial Hospital, Lorie-Anne Danielson