Low Stimulus Vaccination Clinics for Youth ages 5-11

Public Notice

(Yellowknife, December 1) – NTHSSA would like to inform residents of Yellowknife that a low-stimulus environment vaccination clinic will be hosted for children ages 5-11, from 9:30am-3:00pm on Sunday, December 5th. The clinic will be held at the Stanton Medical Centre, which is located in the building next to Booster Juice/McDonalds. 

This location will allow us to provide a space with reduced levels of noise, lowered lighting, and access to calming toys and other resources. Appointments will be also be of longer duration to allow more time for children to process and settle into the space, and staff will focus on meeting the needs for each child individually.

Appointments are preferred for this clinic to ensure a structured and regulated environment, which helps to keep the space low stimulus and makes it easier for staff to facilitate accommodation requests; however the clinic will attempt to meet the needs of walk-in appointments as well, depending on clinic capacity.

Booking will open for the low stimulus clinic on Thursday, Dec 2 at 1:00pm. For any questions regarding the clinic, please email nthssafeedback@gov.nt.ca.