National Nursing Week Spotlight: Carla Skauge shares on being a Nursing Practitioner and a source of inspiration for her daughter

May 6 – 12, 2024 is National Nursing Week and this year’s theme is “Changing Lives. Shaping Tomorrow,” which recognizes the way that nurses directly impact the lives of patients through care, compassion, and expertise that we provide as advocates of health.

Carla Skauge is a Nurse Practitioner with the Obstetrics Unit at the Stanton Territorial Hospital. Her daughter, Ella, is in Grade 10 and has already shown great interest and finds inspiration to pursue a career in healthcare from her mom. Ella also had opportunities to learn more and pique her interest further about being a nurse practitioner and working in healthcare through events like Take Your Kid to Work Day and nursing conferences.

When asked about her favourite part about being a Nursing Practitioner, Carla says, “Being able to continue my career in the obstetrics field and enhancing my skills to provide enhanced care for pregnant women including ultrasounds. I work closely with the Obstetricians in providing care in a timely manner as well.”

As Ella considers her options after high school, she is thinking about following in her mother’s footsteps. “I’ve considered Medicine and Nursing but I’d like to provide more hands-on direct patient care to make people feel better. Knowing about the positive impact my mom has at Stanton and how she helps people through her work, inspires me to want to do the same or something similar.”  

Carla adds, “I think in this ever-changing healthcare world, Nursing is great place to start as you can have several different areas of work during your career. Alternatively, you can further your education to teach, or become a Nurse Practitioner, etc. 

The other great opportunity is that there is a Nursing Program available through Aurora College in Yellowknife which makes it more accessible to lot of people!”


Interested in working in the NWT? Visit PracticeNWT for more information.

To learn about the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program, visit the Aurora College website