NWT Cancer Video Series

YELLOWKNIFE (February 4, 2020) – The Northwest Territories Health and Social Services Authority is pleased to announce the creation of a cancer screening video series, showcasing eleven informative videos catered towards Northwest Territories (NWT) residents. This project was undertaken in partnership with the Department of Health and Social Services and the University of Alberta’s Indigenous & Global Health Research group, led by Dr. Sangita Sharma. 

These videos are developed based on several community consultations in the Northwest Territories. Incorporating feedback from each visit to the NWT, the University of Alberta’s Indigenous & Global Health Research Group are dedicated to ensuring that prominent questions and concerns collected around the Territory are being effectively addressed in each video. 

The eleven videos will follow a staggered release plan, with the cervical cancer videos and the “What is Cancer” and “Reducing Cancer Risks” videos available for the public to view, today. These videos will also be provided to local health centres for use. We encourage the public to keep an eye out for future video releases throughout this year. 

The video series addresses goals one and two of the Northwest Territories Cancer Strategy by supporting NWT residents to lead healthy lifestyles that reduce their risk of cancer and with the end goal of improving cancer screening rates among eligible NWT residents. 


“I am excited to announce the creation of this informative and uniquely Northern cancer screening video series. Thank you to Dr. Sangita Sharma’s University of Alberta’s Indigenous & Global Health Research group. This would have not been possible without their generous contribution and dedication. It is with informative and relatable resources such as these videos that helps debunk myths that may be associated with these cancers and eliminate anxiety around their respective screening tests. We hope that with these videos help our residents lead healthy lifestyles, improve cancer screening rates, and ultimately work towards a healthier NWT.”

- Sue Cullen, Chief Executive Officer, Northwest Territories Health and Social Services Authority

"I would like to thank Dr. Carolyn Gotay with the University of British Columbia for all of her contributions, as well as my team for their dedication since the project’s inception towards developing the videos. I would also like to give our sincere thanks to all community members and organizations for their incredible partnership on this project, as well as to Artless Collective for producing the videos, and to the Department of Health and Social Services and all of the project funders for their support."

- Dr. Sangita Sharma, Alberta Health Services Chair in Indigenous Health, Department of Medicine, University of Alberta 

Quick Facts

  • The creation of these videos was primarily funded by the Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute, Canadian Institutes of Health Research, and Alberta Innovates - Health Solutions.
  • A total of eleven videos were created, covering general information on cancer, and more specific details of colorectal, breast and cervical cancers. 
  • The colorectal, breast and cervical cancer videos each have three (3) videos depicting conversations around each cancer, descriptions of each cancer from a health professional, and an instructional video on each respective screening test. 

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