Yellowknife Primary Care Clinic Laboratory Services Redirected to Stanton Territorial Hospital

In order to allocate appropriate resources to COVID-19 response, the Yellowknife Primary Care Clinic Diagnostic Services will be temporarily closed until further notice. Current and future laboratory and diagnostic imaging services will be redirected at the Stanton Territorial Hospital laboratory/diagnostic imaging Department until further notice.

Standard laboratory processes will not be affected. Any laboratory testing must be requested by a Doctor, Nurse Practitioner or Registered Midwife that is licensed to practice in the NWT. If you have a lab requisition you can attend the lab during regular specimen collection hours unless otherwise directed by your healthcare provider. After your appointment, your provider will contact you if your results are abnormal or require additional follow up.

Outpatient Lab and Diagnostic Imaging hours at Stanton Territorial Hospital are:

  • Diagnostic Imaging: 8AM to 3:30PM Monday to Friday
  • Laboratory: 8AM to 3:30PM Monday to Friday

For more information on how to prepare for you laboratory appointment, please visit the NTHSSA webpage on laboratory services.

This redirection does not affect regular clinic services such as walk-in, same day, and booked appointments at the downtown Yellowknife Primary Care Clinic Site