Electronic Medical Records and Systems


Technology is one of the most exciting and innovative ways we are using to increase accessibility and quality care in the NWT.  HealthNet will modernize the healthcare system and transform it from a paper based environment into an electronic one.

What is HealthNet?

HealthNet is the name for all electronic systems that we have in place to serve you. It allows health professionals to securely share and analyze your lab results and digital images faster and more efficiently than they could without these technologies. A faster diagnosis and treatment will improve your quality of care.

What is included in HealthNet?

HealthNet includes:

  • HealthNet Viewer (interoperable Electronic Health Record - iEHR) – Key health history
  • Diagnostic Imaging Picture Archiving and Communication System (DI/PACS)  – Digital x-rays
  • Electronic Medical Record (EMR) – patient chart
  • Telehealth – Clinical Videoconferencing

HealthNet will grow over time as more electronic information becomes available.

Will my information be safe?

Your privacy, confidentiality and security requirements are a top priority.

Your personal information is protected and guarded by a mix of technical and legislated requirements. For more information, please see:


Electronic Medical Record

An electronic medical record (EMR) is a digital version of a paper chart that contains your medical history. Your medical information is used by your health care provider to improve your care. The Territorial EMR will allow authorized health care providers to quickly and securely access your health information, no matter where in the NWT you are accessing health services.

For more information on how electronic medical records will benefit you, please read the following:

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