Healthy Family Program

All NTHSSA facilities are working to provide safe and accessible health services while ensuring COVID safety precautions are in place. Please call ahead to your intended health services to learn about current COVID restrictions or processes that may affect your visit.

The Healthy Family Program is a territorial program, designed to support and enhance the development of children under the age of 6. Staff at our Healthy Family Program provide support and information on parenting to expectant parents and families with young children.  

Our Home Visitors meet one on one with families, either in their home, at the clinic/centre where the program is located, or another location that is convenient for both the family and Home Visitor.  These visits can be scheduled during the day and after regular work hours.

Our Home Visitors and Healthy Family Program will:

  • Provide information about how your child is growing and learning
  • Share parenting videos, hand-outs, resources, books, and toys
  • Do activities with you and your child
  • Connect you with local community groups that could be helpful to you and your child
  • If requested, come with you to prenatal check-ups or other appointments.

Some Healthy Family Programs across the NWT also offer additional programming and services.  These are different in each community.  Contact your local healthy family program or health centre/clinic for more information about what additional services are available.  

Some of these additional programs may include:

  • Cooking programs
  • Community gardening
  • Group drop-in sessions

Who can join the Healthy Family Program?

If you are pregnant or have an infant or child under the age of 6 then the Healthy Family Program is for you.  This program does not cost anything to join.  

How can I join the Healthy Family Program?

You can refer yourself to the Healthy Family Program.  Contact your local healthy family program to set up an appointment.  A Healthy Family Worker will call you and schedule a meeting to talk about the Healthy Family Program and to see if it is right for you.

Contact this Program 

The Healthy Family Program is offered across the NWT.  Visit our Regional Portals to find out if this program is offered in your community, or call your local clinic, health centre, or health cabin for more information about the Healthy Family Program in your community.