Home Care

Home Care

Home care services are provided by a team of health care providers based on your assessed need and may  include a nurse, social worker, occupational therapist, and home support worker.

Home care services help clients stay in their own home rather than go to a hospital or long term care facility when they need nursing care, personal care or help with activities of daily living.

Home care services may include:

  • Nursing services – e.g. wound care, medication management, palliative support
  • Home support services – e.g. personal care, respite and elders in motion
  • Dietician
  • Medical social worker
  • Occupational therapy & Physiotherapy support
  • Accessing equipment

Clients and families are active partners of the care team and are involved in care planning and some care provision.

Who can access this service?

You can receive home care services if you have a valid NWT health care card and have been assessed and found to have needs best met by homecare.

How to register for Home Care

If you think homecare is right for you, you can refer yourself into the program by contacting your local home care program. You can also be referred by a healthcare professional.  Talk to your healthcare provider for more information about homecare and the services we provide.