Medical Travel

Medical Travel is a service provided by the Government of the Northwest Territories to eligible persons in the NWT who must travel in order to access necessary and appropriate insured health services. To be eligible for this benefit, travel must originate in the NWT and service must not be available within the resident’s home community. Furthermore, the medical referral from the resident’s home community must be to the nearest insured centre that offers the required treatment.

How do I access Medical Travel?

NWT residents may access medical travel through many different benefit programs. Some are accessed through GNWT programs, while others are accessed through employers and private insurance. Regardless of what type of benefit program patients access, all medical travel originates from clinical decisions within the NWT health system.

Prior to any medical travel taking place, the referring Northwest Territories Health Care Provider MUST submit a benefit application form to the Medical Travel Office for approval.  Once the medical travel benefits are approved clients may choose to have their travel arranged by their regional medical travel office or may choose to make their own arrangements and seek reimbursement through the medical travel expense claim process.  Failure to have your medical travel pre-approved will result in your medical travel claim being rejected. Clients who choose to submit a claim must contact Medical Travel for guidance. The staff at Medical Travel will provide the proper claim forms and verify the current daily rates for meals, accommodations and transportation to and from appointments.

Please be aware that if you were previously approved for travel to an appointment outside the NWT, travel for all follow-up appointments must also receive prior approval by the medical travel office. This may require you to bring your follow-up appointment information to your NWT clinic when you find out about it, as they may not be aware of your appointment and would not know to send the medical travel benefit application to the Medical Travel Office. 


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Medical Travel Guide

This guide provides tips and information that can be used by all NWT residents for their medical travel, regardless of their benefits program. 

Patient Information Inserts

The following inserts are provided as supplemental information to the medical travel guide to assist patients in better understanding how medical travel works and what they are eligible for.

Medical Travel Policy

Application for Direct Deposit

Medical Travel Expense Claim Form

Medical Travel Appeal Request Form

For individuals who have medical travel benefits under an employee benefit plan, such as the GNWT’s employee benefits or other employer benefits plans, please contact your benefit administrator.

Contact Medical Travel

Tłįchǫ Region

Phone: 867-392-3004
Fax: 867-392-6778


Dehcho Region

Phone: 867-695-7005
Fax: 867-695-3313

Fort Providence (via Yellowknife)

Phone: 867-669-4115
Fax: 867-920-2172

Fort Smith

Phone: 867- 872-5626
Fax: 867-872-4233

Hay River

Phone: 867-874-8165
Fax: 867-874-8167

Beaufort Region

Phone: 867-678-8034
Fax: 867-777-2921

Sahtu Region (via Yellowknife)

Phone: 867-669-4115
Fax: 867-920-2172

Yellowknife Region

Phone: 867-669-4115
Fax: 867-920-2172