Long Term Care Nursing in the Sahtú

Blog Post

“Our nurses are dedicated to the wellbeing of our residents. We were able to accomplish keeping our residents safe and protected from Covid entering our facility. This was a group effort and was managed perfectly, and to this day not one resident has contracted Covid,” says Ronald Melanson, Regional Manager, Continuing Care of the Sahtú Dene Nechá Kǫ́ Long Term Care Facility.

Nestled between the Mackenzie River and Franklin Mountains this regional facility provides services to the entire Sahtú region, allowing Elders to age comfortably in their home region. A team of nurses, residential care attendants, cooks and activity coordinators care for the residents each day; Long Term Care is one of the many areas nurses support within the NWT health system. Ronald explains that during COVID-19, the team had to find creative ways to foster joy and laughter while still ensure resident’s safety.

“We normally have lots of activities happening but during the Covid period we had to be strategic in our choices of activities, so we organized activities in smaller groups.”

He goes on to explain that during the peak of the pandemic no visitors were allowed to enter the facility, which created depressive periods for some residents. Explaining the true meaning of a pandemic to Elderly who missed their loved ones was challenging, but the team went to great lengths to offer support and comfort and tested themselves every day to keep residents safe and protected.

“The team of nurses are devoted to the residents, to the co-workers and to the organization. I really appreciate their dynamic enthusiasm and their flexibility in promoting change. They always seem to impress me more and more every day. I am privileged to work with a wonderful team.”

Today residents are back to baking bannock, playing games like bingo, and doing active and passive exercises on a daily basis. Thank you to this dedicated team.