Public Notice – Northwest Territories Health and Social Services Authority (NTHSSA) Provides Update on Łıwegǫ̀atì Building

Public Notice

(Yellowknife, March 11, 2024) - The Northwest Territories Health and Social Services Authority (NTHSSA) is pleased to share a progress update on the Łıwegǫ̀atì Building in Yellowknife.
Staff working on this project have been working hard with internal and external stakeholders to shape the new building into a safe and welcoming space for staff, patients, and residents alike.

The Łıwegǫ̀atì Building will provide quality health services for patients and clients in a new campus of care model that allows for co-location of services. With building renovations complete, the focus has shifted to operational readiness of the facility, including the preparation for a staggered approach to move-in and service commencement in the new building which is being planned in three phases:

Phase 1: This phase includes the movement of the Integrated Care Teams from Yellowknife Primary Care Centre (YPCC) and Frame Lake Community Health Clinic (FLCHC), as well as all outpatient rehabilitation services staff, currently located in the Centre Square Mall and Stanton Medical Clinic. This phase is expected to take place between May 24, 2024 - until mid June 2024.

Phase 2: This phase is scheduled to begin in June 2024 and includes moving the staff and patients from the Extended Care unit currently located in Stanton Territorial Hospital into their dedicated house in the Łıwegǫ̀atì Building. The exact date this move is still being determined.

Phase 3: Long Term Care. Planning still underway, details yet to be confirmed.
Establishing services in a new facility provides the opportunity to review and refine processes that impact patient and client experience and look for ways to improve service delivery to better meet the needs of residents accessing those services.

As part of NTHSSA efforts to provide timely information and receive feedback from those we serve, information kiosks will soon be available at YPCC, FLCHC and other locations. These kiosk areas will help ensure that residents are being made aware of the upcoming move and detailed information about specific move dates and any service disruptions will be provided as we transition operations to include the new facility. Additionally, residents are encouraged to visit the Łıwegǫ̀atì – Legacy Stanton Project webpage for information, to learn how to pronounce “Łıwegǫ̀atì” and to receive the latest information and updates.

For media requests, please contact:
NTHSSA Communications