Public Notice: Return to NWT and Supports for Residents who Have Medical Appointments or are admitted in Hospital in Alberta

Public Notice

(Fort Smith –September 17, 2023) – As residents return to Fort Smith – or for those who have not yet returned to Yellowknife - the Northwest Territories Health and Social Services Authority (NTHSSA) is providing guidance for certain groups of individuals who may need to stay in their current locations for ongoing access to care and services.

Group One:  NWT residents who are currently admitted to hospital or are in Long Term Care Facilities in Alberta.

  • Patients in this group should stay in their current location and will be supported through medical travel or other appropriate supports, as needed. Supports may also cover immediate family including transportation back to the community.

Group Two: Fort Smith residents with a booked medical appointment in Alberta between September 18th - September 22nd, 2023.

  • Anyone in this group should contact the NTHSSA Fort Smith Region for further information if you are required to stay outside of Fort Smith, or require additional evacuee supports to stay in your current location or return to Fort Smith beyond the community evacuee coordination of flights. Anyone with appointments beyond September 22nd, 2023 should return to the community.

If you fall into either of these groups and have questions or need further information about additional evacuee supports please call:

  • Fort Smith Residents: call the Fort Smith Health Centre at 867-621-2233
  • Yellowknife residents: call Yellowknife Primary Care at 867-767-9294

We understand there may be individuals who are concerned about the availability of health and social services in Fort Smith, or environmental conditions such as smoke. Should you choose not to return to your home community after an evacuation order is lifted because of this concern, please be aware that supports for evacuees may cease when re-entry flights have been completed and the NTHSSA will not be coordinating any additional evacuee supports or flights to return to the community.

Further details about supports for returning home will be released by community government, local authorities and the NWT Emergency Management Organization (EMO). If you have special needs or mobility issues, please identify these when you register for re-entry flights so they can be coordinated by those agencies.