Yellowknife Service Levels Update for Primary Care, Home care, and Public Health

Public Notice

YELLOWKNIFE (September 13, 2021) - Due to the closure of Yellowknife area schools the Northwest Territories Health and Social Services Authority will be scaling down services for the day of September 14, 2021. This service disruption is required to assess staffing levels and the impact of childcare on staffing levels. If further service level reductions are required they will be announced via public notice at We apologize to anyone who has been inconvenienced by these cancellations and service reductions and we will communicate with all of those directly impacted.

Details by service area include:

YK Primary Care: Frame Lake Community Health Clinic and Yellowknife Primary Care Centre:

Most in-person appointments will be cancelled for the day of Tuesday, September 14th.  Some urgent in-person appointments will still proceed. Some virtual appointments will be cancelled pending practitioner availability.

There will be limited walk-in clinic availability at Yellowknife Primary Care Centre (downtown) from 8:30am to 8:30pm available for urgent issues.

YK Home Care:

Due to the significant impact this is having on Home Support Worker staffing, many appointments September 14th, unless urgent, will be cancelled.  Home care teams will work to develop a schedule to ensure essential services continue to be provided.  Appointments will be prioritized and rebooked.

Home care clients will be communicated with directly to ensure they have details on appointment rescheduling.

YK Public Health: 

Most appointments for Tuesday, September 14th will be cancelled, however a general clinic will be open from 9:00am to 4:00pm for urgent issues.

Next steps:

All teams will be working throughout the day on September 14th to determine service level impacts. Further details about service levels will be announced once available.