Community Social Services

Child and Family Services exist to protect and support children in the NWT and to encourage families to be strong and healthy. Children in the NWT are protected through the Child and Family Services Act, and in every NWT community, a Community Social Services Worker provides services to protect and improve the well-being of families and children in the North. This includes services for children and youth up to age 19. 

Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Voluntary support services such as in-home support, parenting programs, and/or addictions treatment
  • Receiving and assessing concerns about the safety and well-being of a child
  • Working with families to address concerns and strengthen family relationships
  • Recruiting foster homes
  • Referrals and support in accessing other community and territorial services such as the local health centre, women and children shelter, and psycho-social assessments

A Community Social Services Worker is often the first point of contact for families in crisis.  Our Community Social Service Workers offers support in navigating the different programs and services that are available to help families deal with challenges they may be facing.


Who can access these Services?

Any individual identifying a need for support may contact their local social services office to discuss available services. If you have questions about services for children and families in the NWT, please contact your local social services office to discuss potential treatment options for your child/youth or family.



For more information, please contact your local social services worker. Click here to view the community social worker contact list.

Day time and after hours emergency contact information for Child and Family Services in each community can be viewed here.