NWT Virtual Care

NWT Virtual Care allows you to have a care appointment virtually. This means that you can talk with your care provider over the phone or video and do not have to go to the health centre or clinic to see them. Virtual care protects patients and care providers against COVID-19 because it limits the amount of in-person time spent together.

NWT Virtual Care is a joint initiative of the NTHSSA, TCSA and HRHSSA.

How do I book a virtual care appointment?

To book a virtual care visit, call your local health centre or clinic like you normally would to book an appointment. The staff will let you know if your appointment can take place by phone or video, and will walk you through what you need to do. If you choose a video appointment, the staff will collect your email address and email your appointment link or provide the unique Meeting ID and Passcode to access your appointment.   Based on reliability, availability, encryption and ease of use, the following technologies are being used:

Who can access virtual care?

NWT Virtual Care is for all residents of the NWT.

More information: