NWT Virtual Care

Privacy and Safety

Your privacy is very important to us. We do our best to make sure that any information you give to us during virtual care visits is private and secure. Zoom for Healthcare is a secure and specially configured version of Zoom used for Virtual Visits in the NWT

Before you participate in a video communication with a care provider, you will be asked to provide your express consent to the collection and use of your personal information in this manner.
We will ask for informed consent at the beginning of each phone call or video appointments so that you are aware of any risks.

What can I do to protect my Privacy during a Virtual Care appointment?

To help us keep your information safe, we request that you do the following:

  • Use your personal computer or device, not a public one.
  • Use a secure internet connection at home. Do not use an internet connection in a public area, such as an airport, store, restaurant or library.
  • Choose a quiet, private place for your appointment where you can speak freely and are not concerned that someone else is in the room that could overhear.  If you do not have a private space, let your provider know at the beginning of the call, and try using headphones.