Office of Client Experience

The Office of Client Experience

Compliments, Complaints and Feedback Process

The Health and Social Services System has created The Office of Client Experience and Senior Indigenous Patient Advocate positions. This initiative was developed to:

  • Provide system navigation to all residents and guests in the Northwest Territories. 
  • Work to ensure patients receive culturally safe and equitable care to help deal with the impact of illness and hospitalization.
  • Provide cultural, spiritual and emotional support.
  • Help make connections with family members, elders and community organizations.
  • Provide support and solutions for Indigenous residents and their families based on their needs.
  • Advocate for Indigenous residents and guests.

Why you might contact us:

The Office of Client Experience is available to receive any feedback residents may have about the care they, family members or loved ones have received. The office also serves to provide a transparent process for responding to concerns or compliments. 
You have the right to provide feedback and receive a timely response to your concern without fear of retribution or an impact on your health services and care. The information residents bring to The Office of Client Experience is confidential. 

You might contact us if you want to:

  • Make a Complaint: Tell us if the care you received did not meet your expectations.
  • Share a Compliment: Let us know if you had a positive experience. We can pass on your positive feedback to the people and teams that made a difference in your care.
  • Receive System Navigation: Let us assist you in accessing the Healthcare services you need.

What happens when you submit a Complaint, Compliment, or request System Navigation:

A Liaison or an Indigenous Patient Advocate will schedule a call or offer to meet with you virtually or in-person to discuss the details of your complaint. After you connect, your Liaison or Advocate will discuss next steps in the management of your complaint, including any support services that may be helpful. If you wish, they can also help you draft a Client Opening Letter. This letter is owned and guided by you and your experience, and we will work with you to make sure the letter reflects and represents your voice and experiences. Once you have approved your letter, we will submit it to the appropriate person or group.

A Liaison or an Indigenous Patient Advocate from the Office of Client Experience will follow up with you. 

System Navigation, Information, or Feedback:
We can help you get the information you need. You will be contacted by someone from The Office of Client Experience. They may:

  • schedule a follow-up call to seek additional details.
  • work with our internal and external partners to provide you with an informed response, relevant support services and any ongoing assistance you may require.

Contact, Hours of Operation, and Office Locations: 

Contact the Office of Client Experience at: or call our toll free line at (1-855- 846- 9601).

The office is open Monday to Friday- 09:00-1600hrs. 

The office is closed from 12:00-1:00pm Monday to Friday, on weekends or statutory holidays.

The Indigenous Patient Advocates are located in the following centres:

  1. Stanton Territorial Hospital
  2. Inuvik Regional Hospital
  3. Hay River Health Centre
  4. Fort Smith Health Centre