Youth Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Services

Youth FASD Services provides diagnosis and support for youth across the Northwest Territories who have had prenatal exposure to alcohol.

Services include:

  • Diagnostic Clinic & Follow Up Services for youth ages 7-17
  • FASD informed strategies and supports.
  • Education and awareness for families, support people, and the public.

Diagnostic Clinic

The Youth FASD Diagnostic Clinic is a territorial service. It is a part of the Child Development Team.

Youth FASD Diagnostic Services provides a comprehensive multi-disciplinary assessment for individuals with confirmed prenatal alcohol exposure. It also works to connect individuals and their families to supports to help improve their quality of life, independence and community inclusion.

Children and youth ages 7-17 from the NWT are eligible to be seen through the diagnostic clinic. Children can be referred before the age of 7. If prenatal alcohol exposure cannot be confirmed, a child will not be able to access the diagnostic clinic.  Youth 18+ can be referred to Adult FASD Services.

FASD Informed Strategies and Supports

Education, strategies and supports are available to caregivers, family members and service providers about FASD. Individualized follow up is limited to children/youth (and their supports) who have participated in the diagnostic clinic.

A diagnosis of FASD is not required to receive follow up support. Youth FASD Diagnostic Clinic’s typically occur over a 3-day period, and a case conference to share findings and strategies occur during clinic appointments.

Education and Awareness

Youth FASD Services is available to provide training and information sessions to community groups and/or service providers.

How to Access the Service

The Youth FASD Coordinator works with families and caregivers of children/youth referred to the diagnostic clinic before, during and after the clinic. Anyone can contact the Youth FASD Coordinator to get more information about support and services.

Health care, social services and education providers can refer directly to the Youth FASD Coordinator. Referral forms can be accessed through Electronic Medical Record (EMR) or by contacting the Youth FASD Coordinator.

Confirmation of prenatal alcohol exposure is required to participate in the diagnostic process. The Youth FASD Coordinator may be able to assist with obtaining this information.


Youth FASD Coordinator can be reached by emailing or by calling (867) 445-9889 or (767) 9300, ext. 46932.


No cost.

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