Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Elliot Swanepoel, Booking Coordinator

Blog Post

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Elliot is a Stanton Breast Screening Program Booking Coordinator.

“I have been a booking coordinator for the breast screening program for 2 years. During my time as a coordinator I helped with getting caught up on our backlog of screenings due to the pandemic. It is important for people who have breasts to be able to get regular screening and be breast health aware in order to detect any abnormalities early on. Our Breast Cancer Screening Program is an essential and life-saving service and I encourage anyone who is experiencing any unusual symptoms or has a family history with breast cancer to get screened.”

“If you are between the ages of 50-74 you can call us to book your screening mammogram. If you are in your 40s you can also join the screening program after first consulting your doctor to see if early screening is right for you. Once enrolled you will receive result letters in the mail as well as recall letters when it is time to book your next appointment. If you require additional imaging after your mammogram we will contact you to schedule those exams.”

Elliot has lived in Yellowknife since 2011 and moved to Ottawa to pursue a Bachelor of Science and after graduating, Elliot and his partner moved back in 2020. “We love living in the North and doing outdoor activities like biking, camping, and hiking with our dog, Olive.”

For more information and to contact the Breast Cancer Screening Program: