Spotlight: Meet Anastassia Judas, Indigenous Patient Advocate with the Office of Client Experience

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Sı̨ Anastassia Judas sı̀yeh. Semo Bertha Mackenzie, seta Angus Charlo. Sezha di gohti sets’o eyitso sedoo gohti. Sı̨ T’èɂehdaa gots'ǫ aht’e.

My name is Anastassia Judas. My mother is Bertha Mackenzie from Ndilo, and my father is Angus Charlo from Dettah. I have four boys, and my husband and three of our boys recently moved back to Dettah from Yellowknife. I am a descendent of the Tetso'tine, Copper People, who surround Great Slave Lake; a member of the Yellowknives Dene First Nation (YKDFN); and a long-time resident of Chief Drygeese Territory, born and raised in Dettah and Yellowknife.

I started working for NTHSSA in 2012 with the Medical Travel Department, where I had first-hand experience advocating for Indigenous values among Western value systems. I am compassionate, open-minded, and culturally aware, a unique skill set essential for the Indigenous Patient Advocate position.

A typical day in the role of Stanton’s Indigenous Patient Advocate includes meeting with clients who have concerns, questions, compliments, or require assistance navigating the hospital or health system. Patience, empathy, and active listening are essential when helping Indigenous clients navigate the health system due to years of mistrust and negative experiences our people have faced. Our program strives to ensure all clients and their families are treated with respect and dignity and to reduce the barriers in navigating the healthcare system.

I choose to live/work in Yellowknife and raise my children here because this is home; this is where I feel connected to the land and my people, where we can continue our traditional way of life, whether by hunting, fishing, or drumming and dancing. I want my children to feel the same connection, be proud of who they are and where they come from and have the same passion for helping others by showing kindness and respect. The North is a beautiful place that many southern people now call their home; I hope that they, too, will find the same compassion and love for my people and will also show them the same kindness and respect that they deserve.





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