After your Abortion

After your abortion, with your permission we will send a follow up letter to your health centre/clinic.

You will need a follow-up appointment with your regular health care provider (doctor or nurse) two weeks after your abortion. It is your responsibility to make this appointment although we can assist you with it. With your permission, we will send your health care provider a letter to tell them what care you received. If you live in Yellowknife and do not have a primary practitioner we can arrange a follow up appointment for you.

For the next 2 weeks you MUST NOT:

  • Use tampons, douches or suppositories of any kind in your vagina
  • Have sexual intercourse

This is to help prevent infection in your womb/uterus.
Because of the medication used during a surgical abortion, for the next 24 hours DO NOT DRIVE a vehicle or do anything which requires you to be alert.

You will have some bleeding, which may continue off-and-on for up to 2 weeks. You may also have some cramping. You should have a normal period in 4-6 weeks. Acetaminophen (Tylenol) or ibuprofen (Motrin or Advil) and a warm water bottle on your abdomen will help with cramps.

For the next couple of days, DO NOT DRINK ALCOHOL – it can increase the bleeding and delay your recovery. Eat a healthy diet and drink extra fluids. Avoid heavy lifting, sports or other strenuous activities.

If you are travelling back to your home community, you should not travel until the day after your abortion.

You may have some feelings of sadness, cry easily and be angry with yourself or others.  It is normal to feel this way.  However, if you continue to have problems coping with your decision, then you should consider talking with your doctor or nurse to discuss your feelings. If you live in Yellowknife and would like to talk to a counsellor, you can call Family Counselling to make an appointment at (867) 765-7715. Services are offered by counsellors at both Yellowknife Primary Care Clinic and Frame Lake Community Health Centre.

  • You are bleeding enough to soak a maxi-pad every ½ hour for 2 hours
  • Your bleeding has a bad smell
  • You have severe belly pain
  • You have a fever or feel unwell
  • You have vaginal discharge after the bleeding stops