About Stanton Hospital

The first Stanton Yellowknife Hospital was erected in 1967, with 37 beds and plans for future expansion. Come the 1980s, a new Stanton Yellowknife Hospital was constructed and equipped with the most modern systems and equipment available at the time. As time and technology moved on, medical and health systems made considerable advances; it became clear that the time to modernize the hospital's systems and equipment had come.

Though planning for the Stanton Renewal Project started years earlier, the first ground-breaking was in October 2015 and signalled the first material steps of what would be the largest infrastructure project in the Northwest Territories at the time. In May, 2019, the building reached completion thanks to the hard work and dedication of many individuals and groups. To achieve the final design, many people with diverse and broad perspectives from across the Northwest Territories were brought together, and their work shows throughout the facility. New Stanton was crafted to reflect culturally relevant care, providing space to help heal not only bodies but also minds and spirits.

New Stanton brings the opportunity to improve the way health services work, to improve the comfort and care delivered to northern residents, and to advance broader work on health system transformation.

Going forward, the old Stanton Hospital building (now referred to as “Legacy Stanton”) will be renovated and modernized which will include by undergoing extensive renovations to accommodate outpatient rehabilitation services, a medical clinic, and extended and long-term care. The building may also house other businesses or services.

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