Mental Health Resources and Supports

GNWT Programs

If you or your loved ones need support, the GNWT and our NWT Health and Social Services System have various in-person and distance services available. 


Community Counselling Program

If you or your family members are still feeding distress, connect with a The NWT Community Counselling Program provides on-the-ground access to mental health services in all of the regions. Trained counsellors are available for you to talk about any problems that you may be dealing with in your life as well as provide assistance or referrals to other services that could help you.

This free service is available for all residents. Click below for a complete list of phone numbers:


Strongest Families Institute (SFI)

The Strongest Families Institute (SFI) delivers distance services to families primarily via telephone. There is no wait list and appointment times are scheduled around what works for the family – whether during the day, evening or night. Programs are customizable to each family and are developed for those experiencing mild to moderate conditions before they become more severe.

All programs offered through SFI are accessible to NWT residents. The programs include:

  • ICAN (Conquer Anxiety and Nervousness) – Anxiety Program (18-30 years of age),
  • Parents Empowering Kids – Behaviour Difficulties Program (3-12 years of age),
  • Chase Worries Away – Anxiety Program (6-11 years of age),
  • Defeat Anxiety – Anxiety Program (12-17 years of age),
  • Dry Nights Ahead – Nighttime Bedwetting (5-12 years of age), and
  • Chase Pain Away – Recurrent Headache/Abdominal Pain (9-16 years of age).

To make it easier to access their services, the Strongest Families Institute is currently accepting self-referrals into the program.  Contact the program directly by emailing them at, or click here to get help from your local Community Counsellor to make the referral:

In addition to individual session, this program is also offering group based options. When possible, clients are encourage to participate in these group based options as this will allow them to provide support to as many families and clients as possible.



If you are a GNWT employee needs support dealing with anxiety during the COVID-19 pandemic, AbilitiCBT is available is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for support.

AbilitiCBT provides one-on-one meaningful support for any GNWT employee who may be finding themselves struggling with anxiety and looking for a more personalized approach in dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic.  ABilitiCBT provides support dealing with: uncertainty, isolation, caring for family and community members, information overload and stress management.

This app-based program is delivered by professionally trained therapists through an online platform accessible 24/7 from home or anywhere through smartphone or tablet.

Sign up by completing an online questionnaire at

  • A therapist will contact you to schedule a consultation via phone or video chat to confirm and assess needs

  • You will then be supported in working through 10 modules – these modules are available as a resource for the employee for 12 months from registration

  • A therapist will track and monitor your progress throughout this process.


Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) / LifeSpeak

The Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) and LifeSpeak are resources on emotional and mental health that are available to GNWT employees and their families.  These services are available 24/7, and can be accessed by telephone, web or mobile app.

Visit the Emotional and Mental Health page on MyHR for more information on these two resources as well as more tips and tools to help maintain and support a healthy emotional & mental health and well-being during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Click here for more information about how to access the Employee and Family Assistance Program.

  • Click here to access LifeSpeak