Łıwegǫ̀atì - Legacy Stanton Project

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Important Information and Public Notices

Is the Łıwegǫ̀atì building open?

  • Yes. The following services are now available in the Łıwegǫ̀atì building:
    • Primary Care Services:  
    • Outpatient Services & Rehabilitation:
      • Audiology Services
      • Child Development Team
      • Occupational Therapy
      • Physiotherapy
      • Speech Language Pathology
  • Extended care and long-term care are also planned to move into the building. Extended care is planned to take place over summer 2024 and long-term care is expected to take place later in 2024.
  • For a virtual tour of the Łıwegǫ̀atì building, please visit youriguide.com/vX1UAPDM2OH6E1

Where will my next appointment be?

  • Most scheduled appointments after May 30th will be located at the Łıwegǫ̀atì Building. 
  • If you book a same-day appointment, you will be told where your appointment will be. It could be at Łıwegǫ̀atì Building or Yellowknife Primary Care Clinic. 
  • The majority of appointments for the diabetes clinic and tobacco cessation educator will remain at Yellowknife Primary Care Clinic (YPCC). If you are unsure, please call YPCC at (867) 767-9294 to confirm.
  • All appointments for outpatient psychiatry, community mental health nursing and community counselling will remain downtown. You will be advised of the location of your appointment when you book. If you are unsure, please call (867) 767-9110.  

How do I book an appointment with Primary Care in Yellowknife?

  • To book a same-day appointment with a primary care practitioner, you have 3 choices:
    • Option 1: Call (867) 767-9294 starting at 8:05 a.m., Monday – Friday and Saturdays starting at 8:35 a.m.
    • Option 2: Visit the Yellowknife Primary Care Centre in-person starting at 8:05 a.m., Monday – Friday, Saturdays starting at 10:00 a.m.
    • Option 3: Visit the Primary Care Reception desk at the Liwegoati building in person between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday -Friday
  • Please note that same day appointments fill quickly as there are limited number of appointments available each day.


  • To book a scheduled appointment with a primary care practitioner or member from your integrated care team, you have 3 options:
    • Option 1: Call the Łıwegǫ̀atì building main switchboard at (867) 767-9400 or Primary Care directly at (867) 767-9294. Please note call volumes may be high and if your call is not immediately answered, please try again, or use one of the other options.
    • Option 2: Visit the Yellowknife Primary Care Centre (Pod B Reception) or the Primary Care Reception Desk at the Łıwegǫ̀atì Building in-person.
    • Option 3:  Request a call-back by visiting: www.nthssa.ca/en/callback-request-form-demande-de-rappel-téléphonique

How do I book an appointment for Outpatient Rehabilitation Services in Yellowknife?

  • To book a scheduled appointment, you can either call the Łıwegǫ̀atì building main switchboard at (867) 767-9400 or contact the program team directly by calling the following numbers:
    • Physiotherapy: (867) 669-4117
    • Occupational Therapy: (867) -669-4340
    • Audiology: (867) 669-3130
    • Speech Language Pathology: (867) 767-9299
    • Occupational Therapy (Pediatrics): (867) 767-9299

What services are moving into the Łıwegǫ̀atì building?

  • The Integrated Care Teams that used to be at Yellowknife Primary Care Centre and Frame Lake Community Health Clinic, are now located in the Łıwegǫ̀atì building.
  • All outpatient rehabilitation services that used be to located at the Centre Square Mall and Stanton Medical Clinic, are now located in the Łıwegǫ̀atì building
  • Extended Care, currently located in Stanton Territorial Hospital will move into a dedicated house in the Łıwegǫ̀atì building.
  • Long Term Care – a service that is not currently offered will eventually be available in the building to assist those who are unable to live independently, require onsite nursing care or 24 hour supervision. 

What healthcare services will remain available downtown?

  • At Yellowknife Primary Care Centre site:
    • Same-day appointments
    • Diabetes clinic
  • Public Health and Home Care

Why are these services moving to the Stanton Territorial Hospital site?

Creating a campus of care around the Stanton Territorial Hospital site allows for it to be more convenient to access services in one location for residents who live in Yellowknife and those who travel to Yellowknife from other communities for care and services. The Łıwegǫ̀atì building will provide quality health services for our patients in one location to offer a campus of care for Yellowknife and increase its services to the elders. The co-location of services will provide an opportunity to review, revise, and refine processes that impact patient care and experience. 

How do I pronounce Łıwegǫ̀atì?

Listen to the pronunciation:  


If you are using a mobile device, listen here.

The phonetic spelling is: KLE-WA-GOON-TEA.

How was the Łıwegǫ̀atì Building named?

On December 14, 2022, the Department of Health and Social Services put out a call for residents to submit suggestions to name the new facility. The Have Your Say: Renaming the Legacy Stanton Building public engagement closed on February 2, 2023.

On October 13, 2023 the Government of the Northwest Territories announced the name for the Legacy Stanton Building as the Łıwegǫ̀atì building. This is the traditional Wılı̀ı̀deh yatı name for Frame Lake.

The NWT Honours Advisory Council, which is a non-partisan committee appointed by the Legislative Assembly reviewed over 150 suggestions for names and recommended łıwegǫ̀atì. As part of the process, they worked with several of the interpreters on staff at the Legislative Assembly before confirming the name and associated meaning of frame lake. Łıwegǫ̀atì is a change from the version of the name that was submitted by the public, to reflect the input from those language experts. As there are many dialects in the NWT, it may be that there are variations between them.

Who can I contact if I have further questions or concerns?

Inquiries can be sent to NTHSSAFeedback@gov.nt.ca.