Rehabilitation Services


NOTICE: All rehabilitation services in Yellowknife have moved to the Łıwegǫ̀atì Building on 550 Byrne Rd.

Physiotherapists are therapists that assess and improve movement and function.  Physiotherapists can assess an individual's physical condition, diagnose the problem, and then work with the patient to develop a goal-directed strategy for improvement.  

Some of the things our Physiotherapists can help with:

  • Assessing, diagnosing and treating difficulties with movement or balance
  • Helping to prevent and manage pain
  • Creating customized exercise plans to help improve mobility
  • Prescribe therapeutic exercise

How can I get an appointment with a Physiotherapist?

Are you struggling with daily activities or to complete tasks for your occupation?  You can now self-refer to this program, which means you can sign yourself up without needing a referral from a doctor or nurse practitioner.  Contact your local health centre, clinic, or hospital for more information, or self-refer yourself to the program.

Contact this Service

Our Physiotherapy services are offered across the NWT.  If you are located in a smaller community you may have to be seen by a visiting Physiotherapist, or travel to a larger centre for service.  Talk to your local health centre for more information.


Please send your completed self-referral form to, or drop your form off at your local hospital or health centre (Fort Smith, Hay River, Beaufort Delta, and Sahtu Region).