Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Updates

Please review this page for information about what operational changes are taking place in response to COVID-19.

Concerns about COVID-19?  Complete our online self-assessment to see if you should be tested.

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Please review this page for the latest operational updates or service changes that are taking place at our facilities. For the latest COVID-19 information and reommendations from the Office of the Chief Public Health Officer, please visit the Department of Health and Social Services Web page.

NWT COVID-19 updates


Report Phone Line Issues

We are also asking the public to report if they are having issues with phone lines in reaching Yellowknife area clinics, particularly if you are put on hold and experience dropped calls. If you do get put on hold and experience a dropped call please email We are actively working to address any phone issues.


NTHSSA Service Changes and Announcements

In order to ensure appropriate resources for response and preparedness for COVID-19 we are implementing reduced services as required. Reduced services help us free up resources by reducing or eliminating non-essential services.  Please review this page for all of the service reductions, and check our newsroom for the latest updates.

The following services will be reduced, suspended, or delayed until further notice:


  • UPDATE, April 7:
  • Sick notes will no longer be issued. Employers need to support public health efforts by allowing staff who are sick to stay home or staff returning from travel to isolate based on advice from the Chief Public Health Officer of the Northwest Territories
  • Non-essential medical travel to Alberta and within the NWT will be ramped down. Travel for essential care and services will continue on a case-by-case basis. We will be replacing as many appointments as possible with virtual appointments where possible.
  • Travel of specialist physicians to specialist clinics delivered in communities across the Northwest Territories will be cancelled and replaced with virtual appointments where possible.
  • Non-urgent and non-emergent endoscopy procedures will be cancelled.
  • All elders day programs delivered by the health and social services authorities will be cancelled
  • Oral health programs, normally delivered through schools, will be cancelled.
  • Visitation to long-term care will be immediately cancelled.


  • Walk-in type appointments in Yellowknife will be converted to same-day appointments, we are not reducing the number of appointments available. We ask that individuals call to secure appointments. If you present at the clinic you will be given a time for your appointment and asked to leave the premises until your appointment to maintain social distancing and reduce opportunities for potential spread. Our aim is to reduce congregation of individuals at clinic sites.
  • Yellowknife residents with flu like symptoms (fever, cough, shortness of breath) must call public health at 867-767-9120 for appointments. A quick screening questionnaire will help determine if you should present to Primary Care, Stanton ER, or the off-site COVID-19 screening clinic.
  • Residents are asked to call public health to arrange appointments, and there will be no walk-in COVID related appointments. To avoid the risk of spread we have strict infection prevention and control processes in place and want to limit contact with potential cases, we will be directing individuals who need COVID-19 screening to a specific site for this service.
  • The Yellowknife Eye Clinic will be eliminating walk-in type appointments and deferring non-urgent care and services. If you have an urgent issue you can still secure an appointment by phoning the eye clinic at 867-873-3577.
  • At this time we are also asking the public to report if they are having issues with phone lines in reaching Yellowknife area clinics, particularly if you are put on hold and experience dropped calls. If you do get put on hold and experience a dropped call please email
  • The Yellowknife Primary Care Clinic Diagnostic Services are temporarily closed until further notice.  The Stanton Territorial Hospital laboratory/diagnostic imaging Department is still open.  We ask all people requiring these services to please visit the Stanton Territorial Hospital laboratory/diagnostic imaging department. 
    • Outpatient Lab and Diagnostic Imaging hours at Stanton Territorial Hospital are:
      • Diagnostic Imaging: 8AM to 3:30PM Monday to Friday
      • Laboratory: 8AM to 8PM Monday to Friday
  • Well child appointments will continue but only for vaccinations, the well-child assessments where weight, developmental milestones, etc., are monitored will be deferred to a later time. For parents with children due for vaccinations, appointments will continue but will be shortened and the assessments completed at a later date, deferred assessments will be put on a waitlist for follow up.
  • Routine vaccination appointments are being reviewed and triaged based on priority. Those with rescheduled appointments will be contacted directly.
  • Breastfeeding clinic will be rescheduled with any concerns from those who would normally attend to be redirected to Public Health for triage to a Registered Nurse to discuss issues via telephone to determine need for appointment. Those who need appointments will continue to be accommodated.
  • All in-school programming will be suspended until further notice, any education related requests that have been booked will be rescheduled to a later date and teachers can reach out to their dedicated Public Health Nurse for lesson plans and resource.
  • HPV Programming for Grade 5 students will not be occurring the week of April 26th and will be rescheduled to June 2020.
  • Regular appearances at community group sessions will be suspended until further notice. If you have a community group that has a public health nurse attend for education or information purposes please make contact with public health. Information and lesson plans that would be routinely used for these groups can be provided. Communication about when participation in these groups will be issued at a later date.